Art supply store opens in Chicago

Art supply store opens in Chicago

Art supply shop, Art Supply Store, has opened in Chicago, according to a Chicago Tribune article Art Supply Stores is a new art supply and retailing company based in Chicago that is focused on making art in a sustainable and affordable way.

It’s the first company to be established by the Chicago-based startup community.

The company will offer a wide range of art supplies, from acrylic to metal, as well as jewelry and antiques.

Art Supply is already open in New York City, and will open a store in Austin, Texas, next month.

The first Art Supply store in the United States was opened in San Francisco in 2009, and Art Supply will open three more in the U.S. by the end of the year.

The Chicago-born founders of Art Supply are Joshua Darnell, 23, and Jason Sussman, 28.

The pair have previously worked on the Chicago Bulls and now have their sights set on Chicago.

Darnel told the Tribune that Art Supply has been around for a while.

“I came here to start a business, and I have been doing that for about three years,” he said.

“It’s been a really cool ride.

I think the Chicago area is a really great place to start.”

It was an easy decision for both to make, he added.

“We’re very excited to be a part of this community.”

Art Supply stores will be located in several Chicago neighborhoods, including the West Side, North Side, the South Side, and the Near South Side.

The stores are being built to accommodate the high demand for art supplies and accessories in the city.

A large selection of artwork will be available to rent at the retail stores.

Art supply stores can sell supplies ranging from acrylics to jewelry to art supplies.

Durnell said the goal is to provide the best selection of art and art supplies to Chicagoans.

“Chicagoans are going to be buying art in an incredible amount in the coming years, and we’re going to provide that to them,” he explained.

The founders said that the art supply company has the resources to expand to other cities as they grow.

“The goal is not just to be in Chicago,” Darnells said.

They added that they will be investing in expanding their network in the next year.

Dannels and Sussmans vision for Art Supply comes in line with what other entrepreneurs in the Chicago tech community are doing.

Earlier this month, the startup incubator, Techstars, announced that it will launch a new accelerator program in Chicago.

The program will bring together entrepreneurs who are trying to create jobs in tech, and then offer them the chance to build their own startup.

Techstars founder and CEO, Andrew Zalewski, said the incubator will offer the opportunity to “build a startup from the ground up” in Chicago and provide them with the capital to do so.


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