NFL Week 14 NFL Picks: Who’s Who in the Week 14 Picks

NFL Week 14 NFL Picks: Who’s Who in the Week 14 Picks

There were three different sets of players on Sunday.

The first group of starters went down with injuries, with the second group picked up by the Jaguars.

The third group, which includes the Jaguars, were the only players who were healthy and still on the field.

Here are the picks.

QUARTERBACKS: QB JAX WR TYLER JONES, MIA: Jones played in all 12 games for the Jaguars this season, completing 67.3 percent of his passes with eight touchdowns and two interceptions.

He also rushed for 115 yards and two scores.

QB TEXAS A&M TE C.J. Oden, NYG: Oden is the only player on this team who started all 12 of the Jaguars games this season.

He finished the season with 4,716 yards and 51 touchdowns on the ground.

The only player who started fewer games was RB J.T. Yeldon, who played in seven games.

RB JAMES BROWN, CAR: Brown played in nine games for Jacksonville this season and rushed for 1,023 yards and 11 touchdowns.

He has also caught 16 passes for 214 yards and three scores.

RB CALEB LYNN, TEN: This was the only other player on the team to start all 12.

He played in 13 games and caught 12 passes for 193 yards and one score.

RB D.J., BAL: This is the second time this season that the Colts have had two running backs who have started all 13 games, after they did the same in 2016.

LB JIMMY PUPPETS, MIN: The Bengals were without linebacker Josh Hamilton for the first three games of the season, but he was active against Jacksonville and the Jaguars were without linebackers Jaylon Smith and Tashaun Gipson.

LB RAYDRE CAMPBELL, DET: This might be the best of the bunch.

Campbell, who missed the first six games of his career due to a hamstring injury, finished with 18 tackles, three passes defensed and two sacks.

WR TYSON FLEISCHER, CLE: Fleischer was inactive in all but one game this season for the Browns, but the only game he played was the one against the Titans.

WR DANNY WILSON, IND: He caught nine passes for 132 yards and a touchdown against the Bengals, and he also had a fumble recovery and interception.

WR CEDRIC PICKENS, CLE, BAL: Pickens played in five games for Cincinnati this season but did not play a down.

WR RICK WILDER, BUF: He was inactive for all but two games, with a combined total of 15 receptions for 173 yards and four touchdowns.

TE CEDERNA BAKER, NO: Baker was active for four games this year, but missed the final three games.

TE KARL BROWNS, DEN: Brown was active in six games, but did miss the first four games.

WR JORDAN FALLON, TB: Fallon played in 12 games this past season for Tampa Bay, catching nine passes.

He was active and active for all six games this spring.

TE MATT ROSS, BUC: Ross caught three passes for 41 yards and caught three of the three passes that were returned for touchdowns.

WR CHRIS SMITH, ARI: Smith played in 11 games for Arizona, catching two passes for 26 yards.

WR BRIAN WEST, CLEAR: West was active this spring for five games and was inactive the final two.

WR KEVIN DEAN, DET, BAL, MIA, NYJ: Dan played in two games this offseason, catching one pass for 11 yards.

DE JEFF RICHARDS, PIT: Richard was active all three games this summer, catching three passes.

WR DAVID NANCY, CAR, HOU, MIA (DAMN): Nancy played in three games for Miami, catching five passes for 43 yards.

This was just the second week this season in which he did not catch a pass.

WR MIKE DRAKE, BUFFALO, TEXANS: Drew played in just one game for Buffalo this season before getting injured.

This is just the third week this year that he has not caught a pass for the Titans, who were without him all three of their regular-season games.

OT JASON VICKERS, BUCCANEERS, DEN, TAVERS: Vickers was active, but not in any games.

LT JAYON NEALE, MIN, OAKLAND, BALJ: He started the season in all 13 of the Raiders games this fall, finishing with 7.5 sacks and 10 tackles for loss.

LT TAYLOR MELVIN, CARBON, BAL(DAMNN): Melvin played in six of the Broncos’ games this preseason, but played just one regular-game snap in


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