How to be an awesome cricket player and keep up with the latest deals in India

How to be an awesome cricket player and keep up with the latest deals in India

The first thing to know is that India’s top-ranked cricketers have been doing their utmost to keep up their fitness.

In an attempt to catch up with their fellow Indian players, here are some tips to keep you in the game.1.

Eat a healthy breakfast2.

Drink plenty of water3.

Take a daily rest4.

Keep your feet on the groundThe top Indian batsmen and bowlers will be busy in the coming days, and they will be keeping the game on their toes with a new routine.

In their latest routine, they will only eat their favourite breakfast, and will only drink water for 15 minutes.

They will also drink water in between innings, and then drink a cup of coffee afterwards.

If you want to stay fit, this is the time to do it.

It is best to drink a lot of water throughout the day, as your body is more susceptible to dehydration after prolonged exercise.5.

Don’t be afraid of getting a cold6.

Eat as much protein as possible7.

Drink lots of water8.

Get plenty of exerciseThe most important part of a good fitness routine is to consume as much as possible, even when it means consuming only water and tea.

It does not make sense to consume a cup or two of water for each meal when you can drink up to five cups of coffee in a day.

However, if you are trying to maintain a healthy weight and maintain the same level of fitness, then it is not necessary to consume water for a long period of time.

This is a good time to consume plenty of protein, and to exercise regularly.9.

Take an ice bath10.

Keep the ball in your hand11.

Exercise at home, outside12.

Play cricket on your phone and on your iPad13.

Play online games and use your mobile device14.

Listen to music15.

Read books16.

Do other sports17.

Take your child to the park, playground or the beach20.

Play some golf21.

Go for a run22.

Play rugby league, soccer, tennis or basketball23.

Play golf or tennis24.


Do some exercise to maintain muscle mass26.

Do an aerobics class or Pilates class to improve your flexibility27.

Go on a cycling holiday or run on the beach28.

Do yoga or Pilate classes29.

Eat food30.

Go to the gym31.

Go swimming or diving for a while32.

Go hiking or mountain biking33.

Take out a bicycle34.

Do aerobically-inspired yoga classes35.

Eat breakfast36.

Go out for a picnic37.

Take up some dancing38.

Play tennis or kickball39.

Go cycling or mountain bike trails40.

Go skiing or snowboarding41.

Eat some food42.

Go bowling or softball43.

Go dancing or rock climbing44.

Go sailing45.

Do a little yoga or yoga for a couple of days46.

Do another yoga class47.

Go biking or surfing48.

Go riding a motorcycle49.

Play the guitar50.

Go running51.

Go playing golf or soft rock climbing52.

Do sport climbing53.

Play football54.

Take some swimming55.

Play another sport56.

Go camping57.

Go hunting58.

Do karate59.

Go rock climbing60.

Do tennis61.

Do gymnastics62.

Do weightlifting63.

Go mountain biking64.

Play volleyball65.

Go golf or soccer66.

Go walking or cycling67.

Go snowboarding or mountain running68.

Go ice-climbing69.

Go horseback riding70.

Play a sport or a movie71.

Play music in the shower or swimming pool72.

Do something else with your eyes73.

Play video games74.

Watch some cricket or football in the evenings75.

Go bike riding76.

Go fishing77.

Play chess78.

Go canoeing or skiing79.

Do any of the above 80-minute sports activities, plus the occasional race, golf outing or soccer match80.

Enjoy a glass of wine or a glass or two from a cocktail bar81.

Play guitar82.

Play or sing a song83.

Play an instrument84.

Go sightseeing85.

Go a bike ride86.

Go skateboarding87.

Go scuba diving88.

Play board games89.

Go surfing or skiing90.

Go fly fishing91.

Go tennis, golf or cycling, or golfing and sailing or cycling 92.

Go shooting, sailing, skiing, hunting or boating93.

Go water skiing94.

Play darts95.

Play basketball, tennis, football, cricket, rugby or football 95.

Go archery or water fishing96.

Go kayaking97.

Go diving98.

Play bowling or golf playing 99.

Go soccer or golf 100.

Play hockey, volleyball, football or baseball 101.

Play soccer, baseball, golf, or rugby 102.

Go cricket, football and soccer 103.

Go roller skating 104.

Play beach volleyball 105.

Play kite surfing 106.

Play indoor


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