‘Worst day’ in the history of ‘WWE’ store in Alexandria, Va., says employee

‘Worst day’ in the history of ‘WWE’ store in Alexandria, Va., says employee

A vendor who says he was fired for wearing a T-shirt with the word “WWE” printed on it has sued WWE, saying he was told he would be fired and could not return to work.

The Alexandria-based T-shirts vendor, Michael Diggs, told The Washington Post he was dismissed for wearing the shirt during a wrestling match on Aug. 26 at the Alexandria, Virginia, T-Mobile Arena.

He said he is suing WWE, TNA and other wrestling companies and wrestlers.

Diggs said the shirt was a reference to the “WrestleMania” event and that it was his intent to show support for WWE and other companies in the entertainment industry.

Diggins says he and other wrestlers were not given a reason for their dismissal, and he said he did not receive any official communication from the company or TNA about his dismissal.DIGGINS: I was told by WWE that I was fired.

And they didn’t say why.

I wasn’t given any reason for my dismissal.

And I don’t understand how it happened.

I didn’t do anything wrong.

I just wore a T shirt with the WWE logo on it.

It was just a stupid shirt.

I had no idea that would happen to me, and I never wanted to offend anybody.

I never would have done that.

The WWE did not say that.

I don: I don`t know why I was terminated.

I don’t even know what that means.

They fired me.

It didn’t have anything to do with me.

They said, `We are terminating your employment’ and they gave me no reason.

I was told, `You are fired.’

But I don.

I was never told.

I could not get an explanation.

It just wasn’t explained to me.

The store is owned by the Wiggles, who are also wrestling in the upcoming Raw and SmackDown events, which will take place on Aug 3.WWE has not responded to a request for comment.

Wrestling fans are accustomed to seeing their favorite stars in their hometowns wearing T-Shirts with the words “WEC, WWE, and TNA.”

But in this case, fans are not aware of the fact that the shirts were not officially given to them.

Diggs said he was given a notice that he could not be back at work, but he says he never received a formal notice of his termination.DAGGINSVILLE, Va.

— A Virginia-based business owner has sued the WWE, the company that operates the Alexandria-area arena, T.M.C. Entertainment Group and the T-Mob, alleging that his termination was retaliation for wearing his wrestling gear in support of the WWE and the WWE’s relationship with the wrestling business.

Michael Diggins, 28, says he is a licensed vendor who sells T- Shirts for WWE merchandise and has been in business for nearly two years.

He says the T.S.D.T. is a company that does business with WWE, but has never received any official notification from WWE or the company regarding his termination, and has not been notified by either company that he has been terminated, according to a statement released by his attorney, Mark O’Keefe.

O’KEAGE: He is being threatened with a lawsuit.

And we believe that the WWE will take this to the United States Supreme Court.

We have no intention of going anywhere.

This is an intimidation tactic by the WWE.

It’s not fair.

The T. S.D., the TM.

M., the W.N.E.S., have done nothing wrong.

They have been doing business with the same company for years, and WWE has been a good company.

They are a good business.

They want to make money.


— Michael Digs, 28 of Alexandria, was fired Aug. 27 after wearing a wrestling T- shirt with a WWE logo printed on the back that read “Wrestling is a Business.”

The company says that Diggs was terminated after he failed to disclose to the company he has a license to sell wrestling gear.

The statement from O’Keagan says, “W.W.T., which is not a licensed wrestling company, has never asked for any official approval from the WWE to allow Michael to sell T- shirts.

The W.W.-T.M.-W.

N-E.A.S.-T-Mob are not licensed wrestling companies.

The only license that Michael has is to sell merchandise that is available on the WWE website.

The fact that he failed in this manner is outrageous.

This should not have happened to him.”DIGGS: I have a license.

I have been working in the wrestling industry for more than five years.

I am a licensed business owner.

I’ve never had a problem with anyone in my life.


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