Tesla unveils the next generation of electric vehicles at the Tesla Motors Show

Tesla unveils the next generation of electric vehicles at the Tesla Motors Show

The electric vehicle industry is about to get its first big step forward in a couple of decades.

Tesla unveiled the Model 3 and Model X cars at the company’s first show in two decades in Fremont, California.

While the Model S and Model Y electric cars are still available for purchase, Tesla’s Model 3 will be the first production car it can offer to the public.

The company’s chief technology officer, JB Straubel, showed off the Model X on stage and gave a brief introduction of the car.

Straubell said that while he couldn’t give a release date for the car, “It’s a really exciting time.”

He said that Tesla was looking forward to unveiling the Model 4, a new car that will be released this fall.

It will be a bigger car, and it will be made of carbon fiber.

It’s a lot bigger than the Model 2, Straubels said.

“I think it’s going to be bigger than Model S.”

The Model 3 has been designed for maximum efficiency, and the company claims that it can drive from zero to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds.

Strautel said the company also expects the car to be cheaper than its competitors’ electric vehicles.

Tesla has been able to produce and market electric vehicles for a few years, and there’s no question that the Model III will be one of the more affordable vehicles in the industry.

Straubeel said that the car’s powertrain will include an electric motor and two lithium ion batteries.

The battery is expected to last five years, making the Model II a “fairy tale,” Straubes said.

Tesla’s main rival for the market is General Motors, which sells an electric version of its Chevrolet Bolt.

But Tesla’s chief rival for battery capacity is Nissan, which has been releasing its new Leaf and Leaf LEAF electric cars.

Both electric vehicles are available for sale right now.

The Model III is the first electric vehicle that the company can sell directly to the consumer, and Straubers team has been working to deliver that.

Strauber said that they’re working to make sure that the battery will last longer than a normal car, but that they haven’t gotten to that point yet.

“It takes us years to get to the point where you can buy a car that lasts 25 years,” Straube said.

That means that the only way to get the car into the hands of people who want it is to make a lot of money.

Strause said that once the Model IV is released later this year, Tesla will be able to “put the Model I into the marketplace.”

Straub’s team has also worked to make the Model VI, a larger, electric version, available to consumers later this decade.

That car will have more battery capacity than the Tesla Model III, but Straub said that it still won’t be a mass-market car.

Tesla also plans to release the Model VII in 2021, which will have much larger batteries.

Strauys team said that if Tesla can make the battery as large as the Model 1, it will also be able “make a much more efficient car.”

Straubeels team said they’re aiming for a mass market of 50,000 Model III vehicles by 2021.

He said the goal is for the Model IX, which is planned for 2022, to sell for about $75,000, which would make it one of Tesla’s cheapest cars.

“The Model IX will be our entry-level vehicle,” Straubes team said.


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